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Qi-mindful is the home of Jaya’s qigong teaching and her particular blend of qigong with mindfulness and insight meditation practice. It is founded in the spirit of generosity.

We want our offerings to be accessible to you regardless of your financial means. Class subscription rates are set as low as is possible for sustainability – please choose your subscription rate with generosity in mind.

  • Standard: intended to cover the costs of your participation
  • Supported: for anyone needing this lower rate
  • Benefactor: in offering this, you are kindly supporting the sharing of this practice with others

The steady support of any subscription rate is very helpful. If the suggested rates are prohibitive for you, then please email jaya@qi-mindful.com to arrange a concession.


  • Workshops and courses are charged at a fixed price. Please email if you require a concession
  • Mini-retreats are offered on a donation basis and are a chance for you to express appreciation in a way that is appropriate to your circumstances
  • One-off gratitude offerings are welcome. If you feel moved to support Qi-mindful and Jaya’s work in this way click the button below

Before joining any Qi-mindful class or event, please take a moment to read Jaya’s home practice guidelines and the information there about taking responsibility for your own safe practice.


If you have questions about rates for any of our offerings you are welcome to contact us.

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Qigong (chi kung), meaning “energy skill” in Chinese, has been developed by healers, martial artists and spiritual contemplatives in China over many centuries. It comes from the deep observation of the movements of nature, understanding the physical body, mind and emotions as different manifestations of the same life-force energy, or qi (pronounced “chee”).

Qigong practice activates and supports the body’s natural healing powers. It builds strength and fitness, maintains and increases mobility, calms and balances the nervous system and improves mental clarity. Above all qigong is deeply enjoyable and relaxing.

Qigong can be tailored to practitioners of all ages and levels of fitness, empowering us to make a noticeable difference in our own physical and mental wellbeing. Many practitioners have stayed healthy into advanced old age, and now a growing number of young people are also discovering the pleasure and benefits of qigong. Our classes and events often include people from their 20s to 70s and beyond, and different generations of one family practising together.

No special equipment is needed: just comfortable clothing, soft shoes or bare feet, a non-slip floor surface and enough room to stand and turn around. Many practices can be adapted to be done seated. Qigong is especially delightful practised outdoors when conditions allow, and when they don’t, it is a way of bringing the outdoors inside to us.

Many people are finding qigong an enormously helpful form of self-care during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Of mixed British and Chinese heritage, Jaya first discovered tai chi and qigong in Beijing in 1984. She has since practised with a variety of teachers, and is a certified Holden Qigong instructor. Jaya has a lifelong love of movement, and of the outdoors. As well as qigong and tai chi, she has studied dance and yoga, climbed and skied mountains and rowed rivers.

Nowadays she is especially interested in how to integrate our understanding of what it means to care for the whole being – body, mind and spirit – with grace and kindness throughout its lifespan, whatever our circumstances.

Her attitude to qigong is both intelligent and playful, informed by her additional training as a yoga teacher, and enriched with many years of experience practising and teaching mindfulness and insight meditation. Jaya spent eight years as an ordained Buddhist nun, and her contemplative background expresses itself in her way of sharing movement.

Jaya continues to offer Buddhist teaching in the Insight Meditation tradition and to teach secular retreats for mindfulness practitioners, teachers and teachers in training.

For information about Jaya’s dharma teaching and current meditation retreat teaching schedule please visit jayarudgard.co.uk.